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Egy fanaction margójára - avagy 30 éves az Alphaville

A tükör egy briliáns hely

Azt hiszem, nem volt olyan Alphaville rajongó az elmúlt egy hónapban, aki ne próbálta volna megmérettetni magát az alphavillenow.com felhívására. Én is így tettem. Igaz nem nyertem, de azért szívesen megmutatom azt az írást, amivel pályáztam...


It was in autumn in 2000…

When my (moon)girl was born, the Alphaville just released  the second websong on their website „Moongirl”. 
Truly memorable song was it for me and what a timing: I just became a father! You know - I'm living in a perfect world, embedded in a perfect game.
My daughter was a very badly slumberous baby; I rocked her every night, over and over. You know, sometimes it seems the night will last forever.
Those were really difficult months, but the songs that appear one after the other have helped me a lot.
And of course, my daughter also liked them: these songs became wonderful lullabies for us. You know - here it comes, the golden handshake of life.

8 years later, when my (moon)boy was born, we didn’t have any problem with the slumber, like in the case of my daughter. He was a very good baby, but many times I thought of her sister and her lullabies. You know -  you led me through the nights - and through the hardest fights.
I rehashed the cd with those great demos, but since than we haven’t had to rock him before sleeping, we dance, just dancing together in the front of the mirror. You know - the mirror is a brilliant place.

These songs (Moongirl, Moonboy, See me thru) always remember me those difficult but wonderful times.
You know -  you led me to the light, yeah - for this I would like to thank you forever.

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